Using KfM's credentials cache with Krb5 1.3 on OS X 10.2.6

Steven Michaud smichaud at
Wed Aug 13 15:27:22 EDT 2003

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Steven Michaud wrote:

> Like Chas Williams I used the NSAddImage(), NSLookupSymbolInImage()
> and NSAddressOfSymbol() functions.  These only work properly in a
> process that has a two-level namespace, but as far as I can tell
> this shouldn't be a problem.

It turns out this isn't true -- at least on OS X 10.2.6, these
functions work fine even in an executable that has a flat namespace.
This means that there are some pretty serious inaccuracies in Apple's
documentation of these functions, so it's possible (likely?) that
their usability was more limited in older versions of OS X.

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