GSS-krb5 and enctype lists, revisited

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Fri Apr 18 11:31:44 EDT 2003

On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 05:54:54AM -0400, Ken Raeburn wrote:
> (3)
> Sam's suggestion, if I understand correctly, was to have the
> tgs_enctypes list affect the request to the KDC, but not the
> restrictions on enctypes in locally available TGTs used to contact the
> KDC.  Or perhaps any acquisition of a TGT would ignore the
> tgs_enctypes list, and just use permitted_enctypes.
> I'm concerned this won't behave properly when cross-realm TGTs need to
> be acquired.  Or that it would get the right result, but by making the
> current enctype specification in the config file even more confusing.

I like Sam's suggestion.  Basically, the application shouldn't care one
iota about the enctypes of x-realm TGTs needed to get the actual,
requested service ticket.  So the application's requested enctypes
should only apply to the final TGS exchange, and a configurable list of
enctypes should apply to all intermediate TGS exchanges.

This means no APIs need changing.  At most you introduce a new
configuration parameter, but I don't think even that is necessary.

> Whatever approach we use, it ought to cope with a lot of cases,
> including:
>  - getting a cross-realm TGT, for which AES might be the only allowed
>    enctype

(3) does this.

>  - not causing other cross-realm exchanges to be protected only by a
>    DES TGT just because AES and DES were the only options for the TGT
>    session key and the GSS application got used first to the remote
>    realm

(3) seems does this too.

>  - not using a locally stored ticket for the service that has a
>    session key of an enctype not supported by GSS

(3) does this too.

> Any other suggestions?

I don't see a better way than (3).

> For the moment, I think I like (1a) best as a short-term solution.
> For the long term, I think the more general case of (1) should be
> handled; I'm just not sure how, right now.

Again, I don't think the application should care about intermediate TGS
exchanges and the enctypes of the corresponding x-realm TGTs.
Cross-realm traversal should be done entirely under the hood.



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