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I am Ahmed Abacha, the son of the late Nigeria Head of 
States, who died on the 8th July 1998. 
During the regime of my father, so much mis-management 
of funds took place by so many people in his 
government, The new government is presently 
investigating all these and has presently arrested and 
detained some of my fathers close associates, the 
government even went as far as confiscating all our 
wealth and properties leaving us with no money to 
Sometime last week, our family attorney came and 
revealed to me that my father stocked (USD$ 12.5m) 
bulk amount of money and deposited it with 
Central Bank Of Nigeria, and that I was named the next of kin 
to this effect. This money is kept in a coded account 
with the Central Bank of Nigeria(C.B.N) The said fund 
arose from an over-inflated contract executed for the 
Government of Nigeria by some foreign contractors 
and the contract in question was fully executed and 
commissioned during the era of my father as president. 
The Contractor has been fully paid leaving the over- 
invoiced sum floating in a numbered(coded) account 
at the C.B.N awaiting claim upon presentation of 
ownership details which include the access code 
and the contract number. 
I am now looking for a trusted person who 
is into business that will be my partner, and also 
assist me to invest the funds in a business that will 
be profitable to us,because no member of the abacha 
family is allowed to travel anywhere right now. 
If you are willing to participate please contact me 
through e-mail so that I will give you all the 
I promise you that you will be highly rewarded. 

I await your response 
Thank you very much. 

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