Support for Microsoft Set Password protocol

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Wed Apr 2 15:27:22 EST 2003

>Due to the interop issues, wouldn't is be simpler to just to have a
>My understanding is that everyone who needs the MS set password
>functionality needs it only to manage Windows domains.  Therefore, they know
>that they are talking to a Windows domain.  Hence, they want to make a call
>that only does the MS thing.

It seems to me that this would make it hard to write a generic
application.  Say I'm writing an application that changes a
password ... do I have to have the user specify which password
changing protocol to use?  Would the average user even know?  Given
the choice, I'd rather make one API call and have some sort of
configuration information in krb5.conf make that decision (since
it's a per-realm attribute).


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