Support for Microsoft Set Password protocol

John Hascall john at
Wed Apr 2 12:17:40 EST 2003

> >"Douglas E. Engert" <deengert at> writes:
> >
> >Why not add a flag on the krb5.conf for each realm indicating which protocol
> >to use. The user wants the same change password appliation to work against
> >multiple realms.

> I prefer this approach.  The reason for this is that I think that the 
> choice of which set password protocol clients should use is a site 
> decision and not a developer decision.  Switching the protocol 
> version(s) used should not require recompiling ksetpw/kpasswd.

   I'm with Love (I think it was he) here, this is not something
   I want in client config files.  Having it in the KDC config
   file would be fine with the method negotiated over the wire
   subject to any KDC config constraint(s).


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