krb5-1.2.6 on Win32

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Thu Sep 26 17:49:01 EDT 2002

Some more information on performance. 

It looks like the FTP and Zone Alarm don't get along. When both
are running, they use 100% of the CPU, and a transfer takes 72 seconds
at 27Kb.  If I cancel ZoneAlarm, The FTP uses 100% but the transfer
takes only 5 seconds with 3500Kb rate.

Its the same with passive mode.

So the performance problem looks like a newer Zone Alarm, not Kerberos. 
Sorry about that.

The krb5.exe is still slow, as Ken also pointed out. 

Sam Hartman wrote:
> There haven't really been any significant changes in krb5 between
> 1.2.x versions.
> Can you profile it and see where time is spent?


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