krb5-1.2.6-binary-solaris missing symlinks

Mark Price prim0001 at
Mon Sep 23 14:41:00 EDT 2002

> Mark Price <prim0001 at> writes:
> > I installed the krb5-1.2.6 binary tarball for solaris
> > and found that for all (or most all) libraries placed
> > in /usr/local/lib of the form, it was
> > necessary to do:
> > $ ln -s
> > because the utilityes were looking for libraries in the .so.x
> > form.
> This sounds like some kind of problem in extraction.  According to tar
> on my Linux system, the tar file we distribute for Solaris includes:
> and so forth.
Well, that is certainly interesting.  I will take a look, and let you know
what the problem seems to be.
> Could you check the PGP signature that's included in our download?
> Tom's key (used for signing it) is also available from our web site.
> <snip> Did you get your copy off our web site?
> Ken
By the way, I had an interesting time getting the binary, due to your
website not believing I was in the US.  I was trying to download
on a w2k machine with ip in the 139.62.33.x range, which was not
recognized, but it worked just fine on a linux machine on

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