Unable to have KDC use different enctype for session/service key

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 17 12:25:01 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Hornstein <kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil> writes:

    >> Well, from the command line kinit foo kvno -e des-cbc-crc
    >> krbtgt/realm at realm

    Ken> Hm.  Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to help me.  I just
    Ken> tried that, and while it does get a TGT with a single DES
    Ken> encryption key, the old client library doesn't use it; it
    Ken> picks the first one out of the credentials cache and tries to
    Ken> use it, and gets the "Program lacks support for encryption
    Ken> type" error.

Interesting.  I thought that got fixed about the same time that we
stopped confusing the ticket encryption type with the session key

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