Import/Export data problem between KDCs

Darren Reed (Optimation) darrenr at
Thu Oct 31 23:20:00 EST 2002

Earlier in the week, I was doing some testing on importing and
exporting data between a 1.2.5 KDC and an "old" CyberSafe
KDC (dump output is 2.0.)

Going from the old format into the 1.2.5 KDC was not a problem.
I did a "load" and then "load -update" with no problems after
copying across the .k5 file.

However, going back the other way would not work, no matter
what I tried and the heart of the problem seemed to be in the
content of the 1.2.5 dump, not so much its format.

When I did a dump from the "old" KDC, I noticed that there
were what appeared to be _two_ keys output.  This could easily
have been one key and a checksum, for verification purposes,
I didn't spend the time to manually match it up with the code
in dump.c.  But the problem was, when I did the dump from
the 1.2.5 KDC, it only produced one key string in its "old"
format output (and new too).  I could load this into the "old"
KDC but any attempt to use it resulted in an error that seemed
to indicate some sort of integrity checking error.

Has anyone else seen this sort of problem before ?


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