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Monica Lau mllau2002 at
Wed Oct 23 21:01:24 EDT 2002

Hi all,
First of all, thanks for your response.  However, I'm still not understanding what the non-trivial design issues are with supporting proxy KDC and why one would not want to use this feature were it implemented?  I would think that this feature would be popular, but I don't know Kerberos well enough to understand the problems with it. 
Thanks for your time and help.
 Sam Hartman <hartmans at> wrote:>>>>> "Monica" == Monica Lau writes:

Monica> Hi all,

Monica> I was wondering if the MIT Kerberos server supports
Monica> proxy KDC. For example, I have two KDCs in my network,
Monica> KDC A and KDC B. If a user tries to authenticate to KDC
Monica> A, and KDC A can't find that user's entry in its database,
Monica> KDC A will automatically contact KDC B and send the
Monica> authentication reply back to the user.

This feature is not supported.
I think there are non-trivial design issues associated with doing this.
I suspect we would not be interested in the feature were it implemented.
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