Kerberos for Macintosh Login Authentication, Help?

Henry B. Hotz hotz at
Mon Oct 21 20:55:00 EDT 2002

This is really frustrating.  With all the documentation on the web it 
seems like it should be working now.  It *almost* works.

I've installed a file on a just-upgraded OSX 10.2.1 
system that didn't have it before.

>[machotz:~] hotz% more /Library/Preferences/
>         default_realm = JPL.NASA.GOV
>         default = FILE:/KLog
>[v4 realms]
>         JPL.NASA.GOV = {
>                 kdc =
>                 kdc =
>                 kdc =
>                 admin_server =
>                 default_domain =
>                 string_to_key_type = afs_string_to_key
>         }
>[v4 domain_realm]

Also modified /etc/authorization as follows:

><!-- Do kerberos authentication as a side-effect of loggin in. 
>Local username/password will be used.
>  -->
>         <key>system.login.done</key>
>         <dict>
>                 <key>eval</key>
>                 <string>switch_to_user, krb5auth:login</string>
>         </dict>

Added group read access to ~/Library/Preferences/  (Do I really need 
to do this?)

>[machotz:~] hotz% ls -ld ~/Library/Preferences/
>drwxr-x---  94 hotz  staff  3196 Oct 21 17:17 /Users/hotz/Library/Preferences/

Now kinit/klist/kdestoy work fine.  The Kerberos GUI also works fine. 
I've restarted the computer and when I log back in klist shows no 
tickets.  I have not installed the Kerberos Extras, but I don't think 
I need them.  What else do I need to do to get the login 
authenticator to work?

Note that kpasswd does not work, and the /KLog file and console log 
remain bare of any indications of any problem.

>[machotz:~] hotz% klist
>Kerberos 4 ticket cache: 'Initial default ccache'
>Default Principal: hotz at JPL.NASA.GOV
>Issued             Expires            Service Principal
>10/21/02 16:24:59  10/22/02 17:51:20  krbtgt.JPL.NASA.GOV at JPL.NASA.GOV
>[machotz:~] hotz% kpasswd
>Kerberos Change Password:
>Please enter the old password for hotz at JPL.NASA.GOV:
>Kerberos Change Password Failed: Principal unknown
>Please enter the old password for hotz at JPL.NASA.GOV:

kerberos is a CNAME for eis-fil-afsdb08.  It's really running a 
kaserver (hence the v4 and afs key stuff).  I'm not trying to put my 
home directory in AFS space, just gain access to AFS automatically on 
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