krb5-1.2.6 removed entry points for Windows DLLs and cns.c

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Mon Oct 7 16:13:00 EDT 2002

Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >One of the entry points which is not exported from krb5_32.dll is the
> >krb5_get_notification_message. This was used by the cns.c in the krb5.exe.
> >
> >In 1.2.6 the cns.c has the references to this routine "#if 0"ed out. This
> >leads to the display in the krb5.exe being updated only every 30 seconds from
> >the timer based on KWIN_UPDATE_PERIOD.
> FWIW, we fixed this in a way that was application-space only (no API changes).
> I can dig up the code in case anyone is interested ...

I figured it out as well, with a change to cns.c  to remove the #if 0 and call:

wm_kerberos_changed = RegisterWindowMessage(WM_KERBEROS5_CHANGED);

I would like to get MIT to do the same, and make sure the library will continue
to  post the WM_KERBEROS5_MESSAGE message. There is some chance that a future 
version of cns.c would stop working, if thet stop posting the message in the krb5_32.dll.  
> --Ken


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