krb5-1.2.6 removed entry points for Windows DLLs and cns.c

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Mon Oct 7 15:38:00 EDT 2002

One of the entry points which is not exported from krb5_32.dll is the 
krb5_get_notification_message. This was used by the cns.c in the krb5.exe. 

In 1.2.6 the cns.c has the references to this routine "#if 0"ed out. This 
leads to the display in the krb5.exe being updated only every 30 seconds from 
the timer based on KWIN_UPDATE_PERIOD.  

This long delay makes it appear that Kerberos is not working properly. 

Can this entry be added back into the list of exported entry point in the DLL?

Or can the cns.c be changed to replace the call to the krb5_get_notification_message
routine, with a call to  RegisterWindowMessage(WM_KERBEROS5_CHANGED); 

This simple change appears to restore the snappy response we are used to.

We use the krb5.exe rather then leash. 



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