MacOS X 10.2.2, Kerberos, and Pine

Josh Larios jdlarios at
Wed Nov 20 13:08:00 EST 2002

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Alexandra Ellwood wrote:

> using in a multi-monitor situation can be very confusing
> if prompting occurs via a dialog on a separate monitor.

Ahh, I hadn't considered that problem. Makes sense.

> If you want to make sure it gets fixed, please file a bug with Apple
> at the Apple bug reporter <>.  Hint: this
> will help us with the aforementioned "stupid reasons".

Will do.

> If you want pine to prompt with the dialog (and return "no tickets"
> errors on remote logins), you can just modify the sources so that
> isatty (stdin) or isatty (stdout) returns false before you call into
> Kerberos, and then restore stdin and stdout afterwards.

Excellent; thank you very much. This is exactly what I was wondering
about, and will let me write a patch for Pine and make the folks I'm
supporting happy.  Hooray!

Thanks again,

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