MacOS X 10.2.2, Kerberos, and Pine

Josh Larios jdlarios at
Tue Nov 19 21:39:00 EST 2002

I'm not as familiar with how kerberos works as I ought to be, but I do
notice that something has changed between the Kerberos which came with OS
X 10.1 and the one which comes with 10.2.

Previously when I compiled Pine ( under OS
X 10.1 with kerberos support, its behavior was this:

If I had already authenticated myself using kinit or the Kerberos Login
graphical tool, Pine would launch and successfully open my inbox, which is
a remote kerberos-enabled imap server. If I hadn't already authenticated
myself, launching Pine would cause the graphical Kerberos Login aplication
to launch, whereupon I could authenticate myself and open my inbox.

Now, if I have already authenticated myself the behavior is the same. If I
haven't, it's different in a bad way. Instead of launching the graphical
Kerberos Login window, it tries to get me to authenticate from the
terminal. Unfortunately, at that point Pine has disabled keyboard input,
so I can't enter anything. And since Pine is waiting for kerberos
authentication before continuing, I never get keyboard control back. I
have to kill the pine process entirely.

This is with the same Pine source, mind you. Compiling it on 10.1 with
Kerberos for Macintosh 4.0.x results in a Pine which invokes the graphical
login utility. Compiling it on 10.2 with whatever kerberos comes with that
results in a Pine which attempts to use terminal i/o and fails.

If there are any hints you could give me for where to look for a fix for
this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you'd like to try to duplicate
this, but have trouble getting Pine to compile at all, let me know. It's a
bit sketchy on OS X.

Thanks much,

Josh Larios                   Computing & Communications Client Services
University of Washington      Box 352830, Mary Gates Hall 011A
jdlarios at   Seattle, WA 98195-2830

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