Changing passwords - rationalisation of methods?

Darren Reed (Optimation) darrenr at
Sun Nov 17 19:42:00 EST 2002

From: "Sam Hartman" <hartmans at>
> >>>>> "Darren" == Darren Reed (Optimation) <darrenr at> writes:
>     Darren> Are all three really needed?  (kadmin/passwd would be the
>     Darren> I'd favour for dumping.)
> No, clients/kpasswd is the one it seems reasonable to use.  Hmm, we
> actually build kadmin/passwd.  If this is not a complete waste of
> build time, then it is only for the benefit of the kadmin tests.
> There does not seem to be an open bug asking us to remove
> kadmin/passwd; I will open such a bug.

Should the PORTS section of src/clients/kpasswd/kpasswd.M
mention kpasswd in /etc/services ?
Or is krb5.conf for clients and /etc/services for servers ?
Or can both use both and in which order ?

Separately, whilst reading the man pages for kadmin/kadmind, kadmind's
man page mentions nothing about using this port and nor does kadmin's
mention using 749/tcp (I presume it uses 88 or 750).
What does use 749/tcp ?  It appears nothing does ?  Or at least I've not
seen any reports of blocked packets on our firewall that only allows
through 88, 750 and now 464 when using kadmin and friends from a client.


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