Problem compiling krb5 1.2.7-beta2

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Tue Nov 12 10:21:01 EST 2002

>>>>> "pierre" == Pierre  <pierre at> writes:

pierre> I have spoken too quickly :)
pierre> Now I got this :

pierre> kadm_funcs.o: In function `kadm_approve_pw':
pierre> kadm_funcs.o(.text+0x14ff): undefined reference to `dbm_open'
pierre> kadm_funcs.o(.text+0x153c): undefined reference to `dbm_fetch'

You shouldn't get this unless you're using the -DNDBM_PW_CHECK cpp
flag or if you're using the --enable-athena option to configure, which
we don't recommend.  Exactly what command line are you using to run


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