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chm99 chriscp at netcom.com
Sat Nov 9 19:55:00 EST 2002

We offer you databases of e-mail addresses for advertisement 
mailing; we sell databases, carry out mailing 
the advertising projects. We can work on a turnkey project 
create a site with original design, 
contents. Our databases are daily updated with e-mail addresses 
from all over the world. 
Their validity and originality are verified. Today they contain 
over 50 million addresses. We use our own mailing 
be ideally adjusted for any customer. We have a wide channel 
and a high power server. The 
allows us to keep the prices low. 


Please contact us. We’ll be glad to answer any questions.
HTTP: www.e-mailpromo.net 
E-mail: info at e-mailpromo.net
ICQ: 130982

We received your address from a public place.
We apologies if this letter have reached you by mistake. We'll 
not disturb you any more.
NB. This message is sent in compliance of the new email bill 
section 301. Under Bill S.
US Congress. This message cannot be considered
we include the way to be Removed, Paragraph (a)(c) of S. 1618.
TO REMOVE: send message to info at e-mailpromo.net with "Remove" 
in Subject.

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