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Imagine being able to copy all of your computer files (pictures, office documents, drivers, programs, etc.) onto a device that can be clipped to your key chain and put into your pocket. Imagine this device only weighing one ounce and roughly the size of a car key. Imagine being able to plug this device into any computer, PC or Mac, and having access to your data without the need to install any software or make any configuration change. Imagine being able to copy your files at over 1MB per second. Imagine the USB Drive! The USB Drive is extremely affordable and something that you will use on a daily basis. You could not buy someone a better gift.
The USB Drive TM is an astonishing product. The drive works like a floppy disk but is durable and can hold over 200 times the amount of data. The USB Drive is virtually unbreakable, you can drop it, step on it, but it will not break. The USB Drive comes with a money back guarantee and a two-year warranty. It is impossible to wear it out: You can reuse the drive millions of times and it will still continue to work as new. Floppy and zip disks contain moving parts that eventually breakdown and your data becomes corrupt. The USB Drive contains no moving parts and you data will be safe for over 20 years.

The USB Drive is a portable hard drive! It works just like a floppy disk! Simply copy your files to the USB Drive and you can take them anywhere. There is no setup or drivers to install. The USB works on all computers, PC's and MAC's. The USB Drives comes in different capacities from 32MB to 2GB! The USB Drive comes with a key ring, a 3-foot USB extension cable and a neck strap.

On-Click LLC offers free shipping and our orders ship within 24-hours. You can order our USB Drives by clicking the orange 'add to shopping basket' buttons below, by visiting our website at http://gm12.com/r.html?c=153679&r=153369&t=79476683&l=1&d=43926925&u=http://www.usbpros.com,&g=0&f=-1 or by calling our toll free order desk at (866) 432-4022 M-F 9-6 Pacific Time.

On-Click LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Microsoft Certified Partner, HP Authorized Sales Center and HP Authorized Repair Center.

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