Error "File exists" from krb5_init_context

Curtis Robinson curtis at
Tue May 14 10:23:00 EDT 2002

Here is the code snippet:
    if (ret = krb5_init_context(&context)) {
        slapi_log_error( SLAPI_LOG_PLUGIN, "krbdspostop",
                "Target DN: %s\nCould not be sync: %s on initializing kerberos
library\n", targpname, error_message(ret));
      return ( 1 );

Log_error reports:
krbdspostop - Target DN: test4
Could not be sync: File exists on initializing kerberos library

For some reason krb5_init_context, the function error_message translates the
error to "File exists" and I have no clue as to why this is happening.

Curtis Robinson
Systems Analyst of Information Technology
Florida Institute of Technology
crobinso at

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