Changing passwords in MS KDC from MIT krb5

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Tue May 7 14:17:00 EDT 2002

Since I'm getting alot of questions about this. I'm attaching to the
list. It's a small perl module that we use to do ADS maintenance from
perl via LDAP. 

Anything further should _probably_ be taken off this list though, as
this doesn't have much to do with MIT kerberos. 

You are not going to be able to use the attached module as is - but you
should be able to extract all you need from it. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask. If you have afs access and want to look
over non-included bits, they are at /afs/ 

-- Nathan

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> Here is the link to the MS sample code for interoperatibility:

I have looked at the code in detail, but I am having issues with
integrating it into the Netscape Plugin.  Since, I am not knowledgable
enough with the Kerberos mechanisms and API structure.

I would like to see that perl script to change the password via ldap
over ssl as an alternative solution to the problem.  Does this sync the
NTLM and Kerberos password in Active Directory?

On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 09:42:40AM -0500, Neulinger, Nathan wrote:
> > - You can also change the password in AD by using the ldap protocol
> > over ssl.
> If anyone needs a sample of this from perl, let me know. The main
> is in making sure the new password is in the proper double-byte
> format.
> -- Nathan
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