Sorry to bother you earlier, I got it fixed.

Austin Gonyou austin at
Mon Mar 25 17:34:01 EST 2002

  Sorry for writing you before..I just figured out what my problem was.

The hostname of the machine I was on, and testing the ssh connections
to/from, was not in the KDC database for that realm. 

My hosts file reflected the two names though, since I'm multi-homed. (a
12.x.x.x network and 10.x.x.x network)

Thus, hostname-1, which existed on 12.x.x.x network, and a different
realm, was being read, since it's set with "hostname" during boot, by

That said, changing the hostname to match the host associated with the
10.x.x.x network yielded a working and happy sshd. 

I'm not sure exactly why sshd was doing that, but I'll figure it out I
supposed. Thanks for not flaming me back! :) 

p.s. I'm cc'ing the list just to make sure this is documented there as

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