/usr/lib support with MacOSX 10.1 (missing 524 library)

Ben Poliakoff benp at reed.edu
Tue Mar 12 16:48:00 EST 2002

I've been happily using the new KFM 4.0.  I'm trying to integrate with
AFS (via OpenAFS) and krb5.  

Building Ken Hornstein's afs-krb5 toolkit fails as there doesn't seem to
be a krb 524 library distributed as part of KFM 4.0.

I'd like to try to build an "aklog" that can make use of the KFM API
credential cache, linking against the KFM libs is the only way I can
imagine doing this.

I do have a pre-built version of the afs-krb5 toolkit for Mac OSX
(10.1), but it requires that you use it's own "kinit", since aklog has
no way of knowing how to access the API/memory credential cache (it uses
credential cache files in /tmp).

Being able to build an "aklog" that can make use of the KFM credential
cache would allow for some pretty seemless AFS logins on OSX boxes!

So, in a nutshell, it would be nice to have more of the libraries found
in a typical unix krb5 build.

Please let me know if I've failed to make myself clear! :)

Thanks for KFM 4.0 and the Login authenticator!


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