Case 285630: KfM 4.0.x Test results

Paul B. Hill pbh at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 26 10:19:00 EDT 2002

Hi Deb,

This is not a bug. It is documented. At this time when changing passwords
the IP address in the ticket is checked, therefore this operation cannot be
done behind a NAT. This is true on all operating systems supported by the
MIT code.

We have no projected timeline of when this behvaior will change.


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Any feedback you could provide would be appreciated.  If more info is
needed, let me know.


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>I just noticed what may be considered a bug.  I cannot change my password
>with the Kerberos program behind my NAT (connected to an AT&T Broadband
>cable modem).  When I try to do so, I get the following error message:
>Kerberos change password failed:
>Server error: Failed decrypting request

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