question about wanted_enctypes in krb5_gss_init_sec_context()

Will Fiveash william.fiveash at
Thu Jun 20 14:31:01 EDT 2002

I've noticed in the version of init_sec_context.c (MIT
1.2.5) that the function krb5_gss_init_sec_context() uses the
intersection of wanted_enctypes and the default_tgs_enctypes as the
list of enctypes that a GSS client will request for the session key.
I'm wondering if the code to find the intersection is really
necessary.  Can't the default_tgs_enctypes be used for the list of
requested session key enctypes by GSS clients?  If so, then the
wanted_enctypes[] array could go away which would be a good thing.

Will Fiveash
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Austin, TX, USA (TZ=CST6CDT)

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