CVS report: krb5/src/include ChangeLog k5-int.h

Paul B. Hill pbh at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 18 17:42:01 EDT 2002


The Windows build is broken. This started on the night of the 16th. I'm
having problems accessing the logs from Stanford, hence the delay. Joe can
help you with access to the build logs and force an immediate re-wash if you
need some help.

Here is the error:

[02/06/18 02:29:03] bld_princ.c
[02/06/18 02:29:04]
: error C2373: 'krb5_build_principal_va' : redefinition; different type
: see declaration of 'krb5_build_principal_va'
[02/06/18 02:29:04] NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cl' : return code '0x2'
[02/06/18 02:29:04] Stop.

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From: cvs-krb5-admin at MIT.EDU [mailto:cvs-krb5-admin at MIT.EDU]On Behalf Of
tlyu at MIT.EDU

CVSROOT:	/cvs/krbdev
Module name:	krb5
Changes by:	tlyu at	2002-06-15 02:14:23

Modified files:
	src/include    : ChangeLog krb5.hin

Log message:
* krb5.hin: Conditionalize KRB5_CALLCONV_WRONG separately
because gssapi.h defines KRB5_CALLCONV but doesn't need
[pullup from 1-2-2-branch]

* krb5.hin: Rename krb5_kt_free_entry_contents as
krb5_free_keytab_entry_contents to make it consistent with rest of
API.  Add KRB5_CALLCONV_WRONG.  Fix up various calling
conventions.  For Win32, add KT an CC accessors and default to not

* krb5.hin: Make krb5_build_principal_va() KRB5_CALLCONV.

[pullups from 1-2-2-branch]

* krb5.hin: Conditionalized pragmas for Metrowerks

* krb5.hin: Updated Mac OS X headers to new framework layout

[pullups from 1-2-2-branch]

* krb5.hin: Updated Mac OS #defines
and #includes for new header layout and Mac OS X frameworks

[pullups from 1-2-2-branch]

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