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Thanks for the reply. 
I have heard about SSPI and its interoperabilty with the GSSAPI's. But
it seems, GSSAPI's are considered as standards while SSPI may be called
as Windows Proprietary.  And since I am not going to use the WinXP KDC
server, I would like to use the GSSAPIs. Actually I need to code for
GSSAPI for pure UNIX systems also, as in, KDC is SEAM(on Sun Solaris)and
other clients may be Windows or Sun machines. And I would like to code
for all of the hetrogeneous clients(unix and Windows machines)in
GSSAPIs. Is that possible ?

And even if there is no windows machine, in that case I have to code
using GSSAPIs anyway. Can I know how to do that? Where to find resource
to use GSSAPI's (if possible using C++ and not java)

Plus, since Kerberose client that is installed on any windows machine is
Microsoft implementation of kerberos. So would it has to be coded using


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The Microsoft "on-the-wire" equivalent to GSSAPI is called SSPI and you 
can write
code using that API to talk to GSSAPI apps on the Unix side.  Not sure 
where to find
the SSPI docs in WinXP, though, I'm sure someone with better WinXP
knowledge than I can assist you there.


Nitin Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a SEAM KDC (on Sun-Solaris) and Window XP client to that KDC. I
> am able to configure and KDC successfully authenticates the user on
> Windows XP and gives the tickets. I want to do this login
> through programming. I get to know one can use GSSAPI?s for the same. 
> But I am not able to start with how to use GSSAPIs to get
> How to start the coding? How can I get all the .h and .dll (if any) to

> do the same? Does it involve implementing the interface itself?
> I am not sure if this is the right place to ask such a doubt. If it is
> not the right place can somebody please tell me where to ask such
> Any thing in this regard will be very helpful.
> Regards
> Nitin

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