Login Authenticator Question

Tobias Peciva peciva at pharos.co.nz
Sun Jun 9 19:15:00 EDT 2002


I have a question about the MIT Kerberos Authenticator: I have been given
the task of writing a Mac OS X custom authenticator; but as you know,
authenticators are completely undocumented. My understanding is that Apple
asked you to keep the MIT Kerberos Authenticator source code private,
because the interface would change in the future.

What I'm wondering is if you know anyone at Apple I could contact about this
issue? If you do not wish to share your contacts, I understand this - but I
would greatly appreciate it if you could point me to a group at Apple that
would know more about the future direction of login authenticators.

Many thanks!

Tobias Peciva
Pharos Systems
New Zealand

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