Is anyone or a group of people able to maintain appl/bsd better than MIT

Nathan Neulinger nneul at
Tue Jul 23 19:25:01 EDT 2002

Why don't you just split the distribution? Then you can release or not
release updates to the appl/ stuff independently of releasing updates to
the krb core. 

If someone else then wanted to take over maintenance of the krb5-appl
distribution, that would be reasonable. 

-- Nathan

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 08:39, Sam Hartman wrote:
> So, it seems that at least one of our assumptions may be wrong and
> several people have stepped forward and indicated they would continue
> needing rcmd-based applications even if we drop them.
> Some people implied they might locally maintain these applications;
> Nico pointed out that people could grab the applications out of old
> releases.  Both these options frighten me a lot.
> MIT has significant experience with producing useful technology, but
> not doing a good enough packaging job that others feel the need to
> take over the packaging.  All this experience is bad: we tended to get
> multiple versions, incompatibility, API/feature set divergence, and
> failure to fix bugs in all versions.
> It seems that if we do decide to drop appl/bsd, we should treat it
> like the other applications and find something to recommend in its
> place that is compatible.
> Currently MIT is providing critical bug fixing services for these
> applications and is doing fairly little else to them.
> Are there any individuals or groups of people out there who believe
> they could do a better job and would be willing to try?
> At this point this is just a question to gather information so that we
> can better evaluate our options with regard to on-going discussion.
> --Sam
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