Is anyone or a group of people able to maintain appl/bsd better than MIT

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Tue Jul 23 11:48:00 EDT 2002

> So far, I've seen Darren Reed, Russ Allbery, Matt Crawford, and Nico
> Williams all chime in and say, "Hey, we want the r-commands".  Hell, I
> know all of those guys, and I'd be comfortable working with them on a
> common CVS tree maintaining a set of "Kerberos utilities" (or whatever
> we end up calling it).  I think this would give us reasonable overlap
> with enough parties that have a vested interest in Kerberos to provide
> good coverage in case one or more of us gets busy.
> What to the other interested parties think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?
> --Ken

Maybe this is the incentive we need to finally get functional.  Finding a server to host it
should not be a problem.  The main barrier that I've seen to its
existence has been that as long as MIT has been the official source
most people outside MIT have not wanted to step on their feet.

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