Vendor comments on plan to remove telnet, ftp and eventually appl/bsd

Anthony Brock abrock at
Sat Jul 20 13:27:00 EDT 2002

At 06:39 AM 7/19/2002 -0700, hartmans at wrote:
>We'd like to find specific replacements for ftp, telnet, telnetd and
>ftpd that implement Kerberos versions 4 and 5.
>After confirming that we have a specific recommendation we would like
>to stop shipping these applications.  For telnet and ftp, we are
>considering looking at the SRP Telnet distribution.

Would it be possible to "integrate" these with the source code 
distribution? Specifically, at each release of the source code, could the 
"recommended replacement" be shipped (as an additional tar.gz?) inside the 
krb5 source code distribution? Or at a minimum, perhaps a base-level README 
specifying the "recommended applications" for use with krb5?


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