disappearing tickets

Michael Kirby kirby at fnal.gov
Wed Jul 17 17:40:00 EDT 2002

    I was having a difficulty with keeping my kerberos tickets around 
for the default 10 hours.  I use a terminal to kinit and can use klist 
to see that the ticket exists.  I open an xterm using OroborOSX and can 
then log into a kerberized machine in my kerberos domain.  I then log 
out of the remote machine, and the ticket is persistent.  (checking this 
in the terminal with klist)  Then as soon as I close the xterm launched 
under OroborOSX, the ticket disappears.  Is this the standard was things 
work?  I would expect that since the ticket was created before XDarwin 
was started, that closing down the xterm shouldn't have any influence on 
it's persistence.

Here are the details on my system....
    yesterday I installed KfM 4.0 and XDarwin/OroborOSXv0.75a4 on my 
iBook G3/600 with OS X 10.1.5.  I've included a report from Apple System 
Profiler.  Also I'm using v5 tickets.

Thanks for any help.

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