I need your help

Ken Gijun Lee kengijunlee at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 2 15:09:00 EDT 2002


It would be greatly appreciated if you help me with the following problems I 
am facing now. Any reference or hints or anything would be very apprecaited 

I am working on a kerberos authentication project. What I am trying to 
achieve is:

We installed MS Kerberos server on top of Windows 2000 active directory. We 
have a Java web app running on Linux. This app can authenticate users using 
Kerberos server on Windows 2000 active directory. For some reason, it does 
not allow the user to change the kerberos password.

So, I am working on developing some Kerberos API which allows the user to 
change the Kerberos password. This API will be called from the Java app. To 
start with, I am using kpassword.c which comes with MIT Kerberos 

The problems I am facing are:
1. kpassword.c can allow the user to change the password on the first 
attempt. However, it prints out "Authentication Error" after that. When I 
ran kpassword.c against Linux Kerberos server, i did not have any problem. 
Do you know of any issues with my test?

2. Where can I obtain more information Kerberos related functions? Like 
krb5_xxx_xxx() type of functions found in Kerberos source code. I want to 
know the meaning of each parameter....it would be great if a sample source 
code is along with it.

I would appreciate your help.
Thank you.

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