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Nathan Neulinger nneul at
Thu Jan 17 21:55:18 EST 2002

Hey wait... it isn't April 1st...

It's about time. :)

-- Nathan

Ken Raeburn wrote:
> (I'm resending this because some email at MIT was delayed or lost last
> night due to a mail system hiccup not directly related to these
> changes.)
> We're experimenting with moving the krbdev mailing list to a Mailman
> server at MIT, for easier automated maintenance.  If this experiment
> seems to work well, we will probably also move the Kerberos list to
> this server.  Please let Tom and I know of any problems you encounter
> with this server.
> You can make changes to your list subscription, including for example
> getting digests instead of separate messages, through this web page:
> That page also has a pointer to the new (mailman-generated) archives.
> Older archives are still available in at least one or two places on
> the net, and will presumably continue to be available.
> You can also make changes to your subscription through email to
> krbdev-request at, with subjects including "subscribe",
> "unsubscribe", "help", etc.  These messages will now be automatically
> processed by the mailman server rather than waiting for one of us to
> get to it.  It should also filter out unsubscribe requests sent to the
> list itself.
> Each user is assigned a password to use for changing options through
> the web interface.  This password can be retrieved via the web
> interface.  This may be a problem for any redistribution lists and
> public archives; contact me or Tom if it is.
> This change should prevent most bounces from being sent back to the
> original senders; in fact, most of the bounce handling should be
> automated.
> Currently, spam filtering is not enabled; we may change that later.
> Ken
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