Kerberos PAC info on MSDN Library

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Feb 25 06:42:00 EST 2002

i got this from luke howard.

if you examine samba TNG source code
( you will find that
it contains code that is capable of generating
and decoding packets very, very similar or
identical (i.e.  the difference is a few bytes) 
to the packet format shown in this URL.

the samba tng project also actually contains
more info (i.e. all of those "reserved" fields
that's bullshit, they're well-known fields!)
in some areas than is outlined in this microsoft

if the licensing is not okay for your project,
please contact me and i will identify and
suitably license appropriate parts of the code
for your use in your project.

... as long as your project does not require
that i have to relinquish copyright.

all best,


p.s. to mr brezak and others at microsoft: WELL DONE!

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Looks like MS has now published their PAC format on MSDN:

- Danilo

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