krb5_rd_req() server argument should be optional

Cesar Garcia Cesar.Garcia at
Fri Feb 15 17:28:06 EST 2002


Would also like to see this make it's way to gssapi and,
the kerberized apps that ship with the distribution.

This would facilitate our migration from NIS (where we happen
to use shortnames) to DNS, as a target host/application may then accept
AP requests as either appname/shortname or appname/FQDN depending
on how the client naming is configured.

This would also useful in environment where one may be running VCS, but not
necessarily using VCS service names consistently, i.e., using both VCS
service names and proper hostnames.

>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at> writes:

Nicolas> Yes, I have a need for a form of krb5_rd_req() whose server princ name
Nicolas> argument is optional and, if not provided, is obtained straight from the
Nicolas> decoded AP-REQ and returned to the caller.

Nicolas> This probably means a new API call based on rd_req() with a server
Nicolas> argument that is a pointer to a krb5_principal, and this function will
Nicolas> have to search the given keytab for a key for the principal name
Nicolas> extracted from the AP-REQ.

Nicolas> This, I think, is how rd_req() should have worked from the get-go.

Nicolas> Similarly the verify_creds() function should have an optional service
Nicolas> principal argument which, if not given, should cause verify_creds() to
Nicolas> try every SPN given in the keytab.

Nicolas> In either case the caller could check the actual SPN used and would take
Nicolas> that into account, if applicable, in any authorization decisions.

Nicolas> Would such a feature be welcome?

Nicolas> Comments?

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