Question about Mac OS X 10.1

Marshall Vale mjv at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 15 17:15:56 EST 2002

At 12:44 PM -0800 2/15/02, Park, Jae Hyen wrote:
>The problem is that I can not compile krb-1.2.3 or krb-1.2.4.beta 
>under Mac OS X 10.1 (Darwin 1.4 on PPC) workstation (not server 


>I couldn't do anymore since then. It occurred with both 
>krb5-1.2.3 and krb5-1.2.4-beta.
>Please, someone give me a hand with this problem. I will be really 
>appreciated it.

The base distribution of Kerberos does not include all of the 
components used in Kerberos for Macintosh. We currently do not have a 
source distribution available for Kerberos for Macintosh 4.0.

If you feel that there are additions that you would like to see to 
Kerberos for Macintosh, we would prefer to hear your requests or bug 
reports at this time.

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MacDev Control Panel | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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