Port of Kerberos to Cygwin

Jason B. Alonso jalonso at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 6 01:33:00 EST 2002


I recently downloaded the latest release (1.2.3--not the snapshot) of
Kerberos V, and I was able to port it to Cygwin using the following minor
(though extensive changes):

1) errno is _not_ an "extern int" on Cygwin, so I #ifdef'd _every_ "extern
int errno" and inserted an #include <errno.h> in a quite a number of places.
2) Cygwin doesn't have a pututline function to add an entry to utmp, so I
wrote one in src/util/pty/update_utmp.c in an #ifdef block.

I'm attaching my unified diff that accomplished this, though my #ifndef
__CYGWIN__ lines really should be #ifdef ERRNO_EXTERN (and autoconf'd), for
cleaner errno declarations.  That would probably be a good idea regardless
of Cygwin...

With the changes I made, Kerberos V builds OTB (well... almost:
./configure --with-netlib) on Cygwin.

Jason Alonso

p.s. Benchmark: kinit works, and I can telnet (after disabling Krb4) into
Athena and run rsh commands without retyping my password.
p.p.s. Kerberos V server compiles, but I have NOT tested it.
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