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 Investigative Services
My name is Robert Bevis. I am a Detective and Bodyguard with Condor Investigative Agency.

I will assume your responsibilities of personal protection whether it involves corporate functions, special events, maritime or sensitive domestic issues. You my client, will be put at ease and given the opportunity to concentrate on the business at hand.

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Assignment Desk 630-241-2099          Fax 630-241-2089

Service of Process $ 60.00 Three Attempts

Subpoenas                                       Evictions 
Summons                                         Notices & Motions
Order to Show Cause                       Writs
Levies & Garnishments                    Small Claims Court
Any Other Document                       Asset Protection and Recovery
Including Fingerprinting                 Cause & Origin Investigations
Recorded Statements                      Database & Specialized Research         
Witness Location, Skip Tracing       Spanish Translation
Covert Camera Installations            Personal Protection
Separated Family Members            Fidelity Investigations
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