Windows 2000 KDC interoperability

Alistair Mackay abm at
Tue Dec 10 19:35:00 EST 2002

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> TCP has been implemented and will ship in Kerberos 1.3.  IT will be
> enabled on the client by default and can be enabled on the KDC.

That's good to hear

> If you ran into buffer issues with anything besides telnet we'd be
> interested.  Telnet is not really something we are putting much effort
> into right now and we're looking in the long run at having some
> external group maintain telnet and the r-cmds.

We did at the time test each app to breaking point by increasing the ticket
size and recording this, although I don't have those results to hand now.
Ultimately, any app that uses static buffers for receiving authentication
data will break when the ticket size exceeds the buffer size.

> I don't think we plan to implement code to disable the PAC.

Shouldn't be necessary as long as all apps take into account that ticket
data may be any size.

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