OS X 10.2 Extras don't work for Eudora...

Jordan Miller jmil at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 26 14:08:38 EDT 2002

Hello. I have installed OS X 10.2, and the MIT Kerberos 10.2 Extras.
Before installing the Kerberos extras, Eudora would launch properly, but
would be unable to communicate with Kerberos. After installing the Extras,
Eudora 5.1.1 is unable to launch properly, and hangs shortly after the
splash screen appears. Neither a reboot nor removing the eudora kerberos plug-in
seems to be able to fix the problem. I cannot figure out what's wrong, and I was
under the impression that the 10.2 Kerberos extras would allow Eudora 5.1.1 to
communicate properly with Kerberos. Please let me know if you have any



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