problems with gss_accept_sec_context in 1.2.5

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 22 13:59:01 EDT 2002

>>>>> "darrenr" == darrenr  <darrenr at> writes:

    darrenr> I'm in the process of porting a home-grown Kerberos
    darrenr> application that uses the GSSAPI and its own TGT.  Ok so
    darrenr> far.  The problem is that we have been passing the TGT
    darrenr> into gss_accept_sec_context (using another vendor's
    darrenr> Kerberos) and this no longer works.
    darrenr> gss_accept_sec_context only appears to handle AP_REQ's -
    darrenr> not AS_REQ's or TGS_REQ's.  See:

What would it mean for GSSAPI to handle as_req or tgs_req?  You need
an ap_req to start the GSSAPI exchange.

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