Eudora-Mac-Cannot communicate with Kerberos

Bill Verity whv at
Fri Aug 9 12:09:00 EDT 2002

I've sent this note to a number of groups and still don't have a clue how to solve it.  I suspect you all have seen my question before, but just in case you haven't, I'm sending it directly to you also.
We prefer to use kerberos authentication between Eudora and our pop servers.
Usually works fine.  However, on *some* machines I get the error "Cannot communicate with Kerberos".  Any ideas on how to fix this problem.  Here are more details.

Running Eudora 5.1.1r on Mac OS 9.2.2.  Using Mit Kerberos for Mac 4.0.1.  I've moved the Kerberos Settings plugin into the Eudora Stuff folder and set the various Kerberos fields appropriately.  In fact, when I go to check mail, the Kerberos panel opens, I can enter my userid and password and I successfully get a ticket.  After that, I get the error and no mail is loaded.
BE ALERT!!!!  (The world needs more lerts ...)

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