KfW 2.2 Beta 2 Available for Testing -- exports updated

Danilo Almeida dalmeida at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 18 20:06:00 EDT 2002

MIT Kerberos for Windows (KfW) 2.2 Beta 2 is now available for testing.

You can get it via the MIT Kerberos web page:

Since Beta 1, some exports that were "leaking" from the Kerberos v5 DLL
have been cleaned up.  In addition, the exports list has been updated
from Beta 1 to include krb5_get_host_realm() and krb5_free_host_realm().
A couple of the private functions that were exported for GSSAPI have
been removed.

If you develop Kerberos 5 applications, please test this beta and give
us feedback.  The final KfW 2.2 release will follow the krb5 1.2.5 final

- Danilo

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