KfW 2.2 Beta 1 available

Danilo Almeida dalmeida at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 11 03:33:01 EDT 2002

Kerberos for Windows 2.2 Beta 1 is available for download via the MIT
Kerberos web page:


It incorporates krb5 1.2.5 beta 1, which includes a relatively large
change to krb5.h and the Windows exports.  The API has been cleaned up
considerably.  If you build any krb5 applications, please take a look at
this release.  The "What's New" section of the release notes explains
how to tell whether an exported entrypoint is considered public or not.
You should check whether you application is calling an entrypoint that
is not considered public.  The remaining private symbols that are being
exported will disappear from the exports list for krb5 1.3.

We need to hear about any problems that you may have with the cleaned up
API as soon as possible.

Additional betas and the final release should roughly track the krb5
1.2.5 release schedule.

- Danilo

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