Kerberos Authentication and NetInfo

nathan herzog z0g at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 5 11:16:01 EST 2002


I'm at the MIT Helpdesk trying to set up a Mac OS X lab.  I've been 
trying to figure out some way to secure the Client-Server NetInfo 
directory login (so that passwords aren't passed in the clear).  I've 
read that there's a way to use Kerberos on LDAP directories (namely 
Active Directory) but nothing on authenticating the communications 
between client-server using NeXT and Apple's NetInfo directories.

I'm very familiar with your instructions on using Kerberos as a login 
authenticator, so that isn't a problem.  I'm wondering how to set up 
the Server so that it recognizes (and uses) the Kerberos 

Maybe you can't help me at all, but if you have any thoughts 
regarding this, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks in advance.

Nate Herzog
IS Help Desk
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
z0g at

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