Using a stub krb5.conf with "include"

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Mon Dec 12 18:47:50 EST 2022

>The profile library has the concept of marking a section or subsection
>as "final", preventing further amendments to that section.  But that
>concept does not apply to individual relations (although it was
>erroneously documented as applying to them prior to 1.17.1).

When I looked at the finalization support, I found that it had two
unexpected features:

1) The finalization support only works across files; in other words, if
   you have KRB5_CONFIG=/etc/file1:/etc/file2, a finalized section in file1
   suppresses the same section in file2.  But it doesn't work if it's all
   within file1.

2) An include statement in a krb5.conf file does NOT count as a new file for
   the purposes of finalization.

If I am wrong about these things, I'd sure love a correction.  Honestly,
I can't see a reason why a finalized section in a file just doesn't
suppress further sections, even within the same file.


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