Using a stub krb5.conf with "include"

John Devitofranceschi foonon at
Mon Dec 12 14:04:40 EST 2022


I would like to create an application specific krb5.conf where I can override some system-wide settings while still taking advantage of the rest.

As an example would something like this work if I wanted to define my own ccache location and name format?

% cat mykrb5.conf
default_ccache_name = FILE:/my_ccache_location/krbcc_%{uid}

include /etc/krb5.conf

I cannot find a description of the behaviour of the ‘include’ directive with respect to this kind of thing.  

If the system krb5.conf defines default_ccache_name, will my setting take precedence for my application when I set  KRB5_CONFIG=/my_config_location/mykrb5.conf in its environment?

Or, would i be better off using KRB5_CONFIG=/my_config_location/mykrb5.conf:/etc/krb5.conf and avoiding the use of the include directive?

Thanks in advance to any pointers, advice, or corrections,


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