AW: gss_localname() with multiple KDC/User Directories + Apache + mod_auth_gssapi

Tobias Kritten (EXT) tk at
Tue Jul 20 12:13:48 EDT 2021

Hi Greg,

thanks for your quick help!

> auth_to_local is always looked up in the default realm, not in the realm of
> the principal being authorized.  This is why the rule has to do the annoying
> dance of explicitly including the realm in the [] part, matching it in the () part,
> and removing it in the s// part.  Fixing this historical botch isn't trivial since the
> obvious fixes would be likely to break existing deployments.  (The same
> problem applies to auth_to_local_names, which is even worse since there's
> no workaround aside from not doing any cross-realm.)

Moving the auth_to_local directive into the default realm solved the issue - thank you so much! :-)


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