kadm5 API questions

Greg Hudson ghudson at mit.edu
Thu Mar 21 11:20:21 EDT 2019

On 3/21/19 3:55 AM, Rick van Rein wrote:
> There is some mention in the code about old and new GSS-API
> authentication (kadmin options -O and -N to force).  What is the
> difference, and is the new style still based on GSS-API?

They are both based on GSS-API.  I'd have to review the code to detail
the differences.  You'd only want to use old-style authentication when
talking to a very old server, and even then it should fall back without
explicit prompting.

> IIRC, a property of GSS-API is that it will automatically
> re-authenticate when a credential has expired.  Does this apply to the
> old and new GSS-API mechanisms too?

That is not a property of GSS-API, and it can't be.  The message
exchanges needed for re-authentication wouldn't fit into the application
protocol, since the application is just passing gss_wrap() tokens from
one side to the other.

> Even if I have a krb5_context already, I seem to need a separate one for
> kadm5 use.  Is this because the plain context is about local management,
> and the kadm5 is more like a client-to-a-service context, possibly using
> its own identity, addressing another realm, that sort of thing?

The context initialized with kadm5_init_krb5_context() can be used for
other purposes as well, so you don't need a separate context.

kadm5_init_krb5_context() just calls krb5_init_context() when you link
with the libkadm5clnt.  When you link with libkadm5srv, it initializes a
context that reads kdc.conf as well as krb5.conf.

> Is it true that kadmind can only serve one realm?  That would be
> different from the KDC, and a bit of a surprise.  It increases the
> burden of adding a new realm, especially when this is automated.

Yes.  I would consider a patch for multi-realm support.

> My KXOVER daemon identifies as kxover/public.  Do I need to have that
> name in every realm it manages, or is it sufficient to have an ACL
> setting permitting an identity from another realm adding and removing
> principals through kadm5?  [inconsistent test results]

The kadm5 protocol ordinarily requires initial tickets.  Since
cross-realm tickets can only be obtained through a TGS request, there
are some obstacles to using kadmin across realms.

>From memory and a brief look at the code, it might be possible to use
cross-realm tickets if:

* You use kadm5_init_with_creds() or kadm5_init_with_skey(), not

* You remove the DISALLOW_TGT_BASED flag on the kadmin/admin and
kadmin/<hostname> principal entries.

* You don't perform self-service key change operations (principals
changing their own passwords or keys).

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